Within HalloApp, we don’t believe in using algorithms to decide what content you see from your friends and family.

As a result, we believe Group Conversations should also be organized for users in a time-based way that is easy to follow and conducive for meaningful discussions. This means threading content in a way where users can both follow the general flow of the conversation, and also engage directly with specific points and topics individually.

This is a very different approach than legacy messaging apps take to digital, group conversations.

Most messaging apps are designed for 1:1 communication.

When it comes to group messaging, they’re very difficult to follow:

Most importantly, there is a fear that your phone number will be exposed to other group members when someone you know invites you to a group chat with other people you don’t know. And with encrypted 1:1 messaging platforms, these group chats quickly turn into broadcasting stations that become devoid of any real substantive back and forth conversation.

As a result, most large group chats become casual, infrequent conversations over time.

HalloApp Groups

Our vision is to bring organization and clarity to group conversations.

HalloApp Groups is the only function in the app where you do not need someone else’s phone number in order to connect and communicate. Anyone can start a Group, invite participants, and even appoint Admins to maintain the quality of the collective conversation.

Creating a group - how it happens in a short sequence

Everything inside HalloApp is designed to be chronological.

The primary reason group chats in legacy messaging apps are so dysfunctional is because conversations are too fast-paced and sporadic for meaningful connection.

As a participant, you have to discern between whether someone is responding to what’s currently happening, or someone that was said 7 hours ago. This makes it very difficult to keep track of what’s being said, or how and when to respond without compounding the confusion.

In HalloApp, conversations in each group are threaded in a time-based format, making it easy to follow what’s being shared and discussed.

You will only receive notifications when:

Unlike legacy messaging apps that notify you for every single post, response, and reaction, our vision for group chats is to only alert members based on what is directly relevant—allowing them to participate in conversations as much or as little as they would like.

How threading works in a Group Chat. Responding only to someone else's reply

HalloApp Groups features include:

Creating Your HalloApp Group

HalloApp Groups have three primary use cases:

  1. Family Groups

In a family group, there are usually multiple conversations happening all at the same time. “What time are you flying in? What restaurant should we go to? Did you get that promotion? When do you think you’ll move?” Our hope is that chronologically organizing, and threading information in family group posts will make it easier for family members to connect, and to feel heard and understood in their digital conversations.

  1. Friend Groups

Friend group conversations usually consist of a blend between telling old stories, sharing jokes, gifs, and memes, and making plans for the future—with the occasional big life event, wanting to keep your close friends in the loop. However, more often than not, these friend group conversations become stagnant because it can be difficult for more than two or three people to connect and feel heard at the same time. Our hope is that by having a timeline in group posts, friends will be able to segment off conversations, allowing for more quality connection, digitally.

  1. Interest-Based Groups

The third use case for HalloApp Groups would be interest-based groups where the majority of members do not have each other’s phone numbers, but share common interests. We see interest-based conversations working for online communities where community leaders see benefit in providing a secondary channel for more direct interaction. And unlike social media groups where only a fraction of the members actually see the content being published in their individual newsfeeds, HalloApp groups do not filter content whatsoever. Everything that gets shared in the group, you can scroll through and see—threaded in a way where it’s easy to jump from conversation to conversation and follow along.

Sharing Your HalloApp Group

There are two ways to bring new members inside your groups.

The first is to add your friends using their phone numbers if they are already on HalloApp.

Getting the link via the Group Info screen

The second is to create a unique link which allows people to join your group chat on their own. For example, if you have a newsletter and you would like to create a group for your most loyal newsletter subscribers, you can include a link to your Group on HalloApp in an email where subscribers can click and immediately sign up and join. Again, phone number information inside these groups are hidden, so unless you already have their phone number and they have yours, they will not be able to directly message you or anyone else in the group.

Sending a group invite link via iMessage

Our Vision For Group Conversations

We believe organized group conversations are the key to unlocking quality digital group relationships.

There is something special about meeting your friend’s friends, or getting to know new people with similar interests in a trusted environment. We know how to cultivate these types of experiences in-person, but where does this exist online?

Our vision for HalloApp, specifically with groups, is to help more people connect in quality ways, together, in private.