HalloApp is a simple, private, and secure way to stay in touch with your friends & family. Our goal is to bring social apps back to basics, while adding a layer of security and privacy that we think everyone in the world should have access to.
HalloApp is currently invite only. Once an existing user invites you to HalloApp, follow the link that they’ve sent you or search for HalloApp in the Android play store or Apple app store to install the app.
Yes, HalloApp is currently mobile-only and we have both an Android and iPhone app. We provide support for: Android 5.0 (lollipop) and above iPhone iOS 13 and above (iphone 6S or higher)
Use your phone number to register and start using HalloApp. HalloApp needs access to your contacts on your phone to connect you to your friends.
We’re continually improving HalloApp. To make sure your app is up-to-date turn on the automatic updates on your phone or visit your app store to manually update.
HalloApp uses your phone’s contact book to connect you with your friends & family. You can limit your contact book’s access to your posts by using the privacy settings in the app.
Yes, HalloApp uses the same internet connection as web browsing and email on your phone.
Yes, data roaming charges may apply. To avoid any roaming charges turn off your mobile data roaming. Contact your mobile provider for more information.
Your HalloApp account can be associated with only one phone number at a time.
Yes, you’ll need to delete your HalloApp account and you’ll be presented with a registration screen to register with your new phone number. Please note that your data will be deleted from your previous account associated with your old phone number.
Your post will be shared with your phone contacts who also use HalloApp. You can limit your contact book’s access to your posts by using the privacy settings in the app.
The people who are not in your address book can only see a name and no other information. The comments that you see on your friends posts are from your friends' friends. You will not be able to see each other’s phone numbers unless you are mutual friends.
Your contacts will have access to your post for 30 days. After 30 days your post will expire. We temporarily store posts on our servers to route the replies that come but after 30 days they no longer exist and are deleted from our servers.
No, messages dont expire. We temporarily store messages on our servers to deliver them to you. Once they are delivered, they stay on your phone until you decide to delete them.
You can delete your own posts. Currently we don’t have a way to edit your posts.
You can delete your own messages. Currently we don’t have a way to edit your messages.
You have the ability to delete your own comments for 1 hour after posting them. After 1 hour has passed your comments can no longer be deleted. Currently we don’t have a way to edit your comments.

If your account is inactive for six months, it’ll be deactivated and deleted. You’ll be logged out and will lose all your chat history, groups and posts. However, if you install the app again as a new user, you’ll see posts of your mutual friends from the last seven days.